Fast advertising is good advertising

What I mean is that the faster a consumer can understand your advertising the better. They should not only be willing to watch it (over and over) but it should also be EASY for them to realise that it’s you advertising. If they only see a portion of it, they should still understand who is selling and what they are selling.

Take care in straying from this advice.


2 thoughts on “Fast advertising is good advertising

  1. Great advice, Byron. Part of the problem with many digital campaigns in particular, is that marketers and agencies are of the misguided belief that:
    1. People can’t wait but to spend heaps of time fiddling around with some complex campaign mechanic
    2. That having a multitude of steps is “interesting” and “engaging”, when in fact it’s generally “complex and unclear”
    3. That people care.
    4. That ideas that take ages to comprehend help to reinforce or build relevant associations to the brand, when most of the time, the opposite is true – most people turn off before they “get it”, and in trying to make people “get it”, the effort is spent unfortunately “marketing the marketing”.

  2. Great insight, easy to miss for most. I saw the recent ‘Citi is 200’ ad from Citibank and found it somewhat strange that the proposition of the ad (Citi partners you from ambition to achievement) takes the whole length of the ad to unfold. Case of putting ad execution before appeal?

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