Coming soon… the textbook: Marketing: theory, evidence, practice.

This week I’m proof reading the absolute final page layouts of the new textbook. This is the book people have been asking us to write for years. A University marketing textbook that reflects modern evidence.

I’ll post some snippets soon. Meanwhile clever Amazon are already listing it for pre-order.

9 thoughts on “Coming soon… the textbook: Marketing: theory, evidence, practice.

  1. Will it be available for ebooks? Hope soe, anyways HBG was an astouning block of knowledge that should have been around decades before while Prof. Ehrenberg was around. Great job on the book and truly looking forward for the textbook.

    • Thank you.

      Yes it will be available as a type of rich ebook textbook. I think Oxford Uni Press call them o-books.

      “How Brands Grow” will also be coming out at iBooks/Kindle in the early New Year or earlier.

  2. Hi,

    I’ve been in advertising and marketing as a practitioner for almost 20 years and have been, until fairly recently, a firm believer in the myths, e.g. differentiation, targeting, passionate relationships between brand and consumer, brand personality, etc. But when I read “How Brands Grow” (fabulous book!) and, prior to that, “Simply Better” by Barwise & Meehan, my world was turned upside down in a very refreshing way. When you think about what’s in those books – when you sit down and really, really think about it from the perspective of just another soul trying to make it through life rather than from that of a professional marketer – it just makes so much sense.

    So, if you have the time to spare, I would really appreciate your help on a couple of matters:
    1) Next on my reading list in my effort to re-learn is “The Halo Effect” by Rosenzweig, since you’ve mentioned it a few times here on your blog. What other books would you recommend I put on that list?
    2) What are the main objections to your thinking that you get from practioners? And is there any truth in them, as far as you’re concerned, for instance when it comes to the importance of emotional bonds between consumer and brand?

    Thank you so much for making marketing interesting again.


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