Do TV ads reach DVR owners ? What marketers really need to know.

Commercial market research company Millward Brown have announced results of a (single) study of TV ad awareness showing no difference between DVR owners and non-owners.

There are several good reasons to believe that the potential impact of the DVR/PVR/Tivo has been overstated.
Does this study add supporting evidence ? Unfortunately no, not really. Continue reading


Are pay TV channels like specialist magazines ?

Last year B&T magazine (20/9/04) asked if Australian pay TV channels are like specialist magazines.

And the representatives of these channels replied YES. This is not surprising because they typically pitch pay TV to Australian advertisers as delivering both targeted and highly involved audiences. The argument being that specialist channels attract specialist audiences. And because viewers have chosen to pay for the channel, so the argument goes, they must be interested in the content and they must therefore ‘watch more intently/closely’.

While this sounds plausible, it’s actually a load of nonsense. Continue reading