Questioning the value of the ‘true brand loyalty’ distinction

SHARP, B, SHARP A, & WRIGHT, M. 1999 Questioning the Value of the True Brand Loyalty Distinction. In: Conference. J. Cadeaux, Dr., ed. Australian & New Zealand Marketing Academy 1999, 29 November – 1 December, School of Marketing, University of New South Wales.

Click here to download the full paper.


3 thoughts on “Questioning the value of the ‘true brand loyalty’ distinction

  1. Hi

    The download link is not working. Please could you repost the paper.

    Also, I understand the paper shows a loyalty programme having a strong excess loyalty effect in the FMCG (petrol) category. This is different to the conclusion of ‘Why Brands Grow’ and ‘Shopper’s Spurn Loyalty Cards’ on your website.

    Could you explain the differences and if category or timescale has a significant impact?



    • The link is fixed. I think you are referring to another paper. In that paper our study showed a small degree of excess loyalty, in a petrol market that was rather odd for being very promotion sensitive.

      • Many thanks for the reply.

        Yes, it was the petrol market paper I was referring to. I had understood the effect was more significant because point 3 under the Replication Results states ‘The excess loyalty program effect also appears to be quite large…”

        Do you feel this was caused by the fact the promotional sensitivity of this particular category, whereas generally most loyalty programmes do not operate in such categories?

        Kind regards


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