The decline of science in marketing

My colleague Dr Jenni Romaniuk has just met with famous US Professor David Schmittlein.  She sought his guidance on the US academic scene, who we (the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute) might collaborate with and so on.  David generously gave his time and frank views.

Sadly she wrote to me:

“He was quite pessimistic about the Top US journals and the meaningfulness of the research that is published there.  He sees the marketing research orthodoxy polarising in to two camps – the applied economists and the cognitive scientists.  Neither of which look to the ‘real world’ for guidance on modelling.”

So someone on the inside of the US system shares our assessment.  Actually it’s not an uncommon view, particularly among older marketing academics.  What is happening to our discipline ?

1 thought on “The decline of science in marketing

  1. Paradoxically it s it the sharp ascendancy of science in marketing that may pose an even bigger threat; albeit a different branch of science. The mobile revolution and everything digital is like a narcissistic mirror in which marketers see an idealized vision of themselves and with which they have fallen in love. As a result much of what is published passes like a ship in the night.

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